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NSF Blog: No soils, no life

27 Oct 2020 - They’re beneath our feet, but we seldom hear important signals in the soils

K-12 Activity: Humans and Soil Change

19 Jul 2020 - The activity familiarizes students with some of the environmental and human factors that contribute to accelerated rates of soil erosion.

2020 CZO Webinar Series on Sustainability

17 Jun 2020 - For an updated listing of these talks, including abstracts, see /national/education-outreach/sustainability-2020/ The U.S....


Movie: Feature on the German - Chilean Earthshape CZ project

28 Oct 2019 - Watch a new movie featuring the German - Chilean Earthshape project entitled "The Skin of the Earth: where Life meets Rocks."

2019 Italy Summer School on Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics

20 Mar 2019 - The 2019 Gran Paradise Summer School "Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics across Space and Time" will be held 8-17 July 2019 in Piedmont, Italy.

Highlights of CZO Education and Outreach

19 Mar 2019 - Example activities assembled for AGU Fall Meeting 2018, Washington, D.C. Includes a two-page PDF handout.


Congratulations Jill Marshall on receiving the 2018 Luna B. Leopold Young Scientist Award

06 Nov 2018 - Marshall Receives 2018 Luna B. Leopold Young Scientist Award

InTeGrate Webinar: Critical Zone Science—A Transdisciplinary Approach to Environmental Science

11 May 2018 - A free webinar on CZ Science as a transdisciplinary approach to environmental science.

CZNews: Spring 2018

27 Apr 2018 - CZO Newsletter CZNews: Spring 2018

Deadline Extended: Biogeochemistry of the Critical Zone Book Volume

20 Mar 2018 - Submit your abstract through June 30th, 2018. Manuscript Submission: November 30th, 2018.

Summer Course on Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics in Italy

19 Mar 2018 - The 9-day-long summer course, Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics, is intended for doctoral students, post-docs and researchers.

Discussion paper open till April 5th in Biogeosciences

06 Mar 2018 - A discussion is open for the manuscript, "Elevating the biogeosciences within environmental research networks".

CZNews: Winter 2018

23 Jan 2018 - The Winter 2018 edition of the quarterly CZO National Office Newsletter "CZNews."

Contribute to Springer-Nature Book Series: Advances in Critical Zone Science

01 Jan 2018 - An invitation for edited and authored volumes for a new Springer-Nature book series: Advances in Critical Zone Science

Undergraduate course curriculum, “Introduction to Critical Zone Science,” available free online

01 Jan 2018 - A 15-week semester-long upper-level undergraduate course curriculum entitled “Introduction to Critical Zone Science” is now available free online.


CZOs at AGU 2017

05 Dec 2017 - Information on CZO award recipients, events, presentations, etc. at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting.

Observatory scientists volunteer with students at new STEAM Center in Merced

02 Nov 2017 - UC Merced scientists are sharing their research, stories, and expertise at Merced City School District's new STEAM Center.

CZ themed issue of NAGT’s In the Trenches

31 Oct 2017 - This issue of In the Trenches explores the richly interdisciplinary concept of the Critical Zone (CZ).

Water Resources Research Special Collection: Concentration-discharge relations in the critical zone

30 Oct 2017 - Water Resources Research published a new special collection in September 2017 featuring concentration-discharge research from multiple CZOs.

CZNews: Fall 2017

25 Oct 2017 - The CZO National Office's quarterly newsletter CZNews: Fall 2017.

“Voices of Fire,” a documentary film about wildfire in the West, is now available on YouTube!

05 Sep 2017 - Hugo Sindelar's documentary film about the Soda Fire, which burned the northern portion of Reynolds Creek and a total of 280,000 acres in just 7 days.

Earth Science Week 2017 Video Contest

15 Aug 2017 - For Earth Science Week 2017, the American Geosciences Institute invites you to enter the Earth Connections video contest. Submit a brief, 30-90...

CZNews: Summer 2017

27 Jul 2017 - CZO National Office's quarterly newsletter CZNews: Summer 2017.

PRI’s The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change

03 Jul 2017 - The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Climate Change is now available free online from the Paleontological Research Institution,

UCTV: Southern Sierra CZO researchers featured on Sustainable California channel

21 Jun 2017 - University of California Television (UCTV) features Bales, Conklin, Glaser, Safeeq, and others on the new Sustainable California channel

NSF Discovery: Corn better used as food than biofuel, study finds

21 Jun 2017 - Scientists obtain comprehensive view of agricultural ecosystems

AGI’s ‘Faces of Earth’ Series on YouTube

20 Jun 2017 - AGI has released its award-winning "Faces of Earth" series on YouTube for Earth Science Week 2017.

NAGT: Serving our communities with education and geoscience

19 Jun 2017 - From local communities to international efforts, education and geoscience both play important roles in our society. The National Association of...

Contribute a classroom/field activity to NAGT’s Teach the Earth

22 May 2017 - Contribute a classroom or field activity to Teach the Earth.

CZNews: Spring 2017

01 May 2017 - CZO Newsletter CZNews: Spring 2017

NSF-funded video series on ‘Human Water Cycle’

10 Apr 2017 - The NSF has joined with NBC Learn to release a video series, the "Human Water Cycle," that explores the connection between water, food and energy.

2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society

06 Apr 2017 - 2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society.

K-12 Soil Science Teacher Resources

24 Mar 2017 - The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) is a professional scientific society, made up of soil scientists, educators, and consultants focused on...

CZNews: Winter 2017

25 Jan 2017 - CZO Newsletter CZNews: Winter 2017

NSF REU Basic and Environmental Soil Science Training (BESST), Summer 2017

05 Jan 2017 - NSF REU for summer 2017: Basic and Environmental Soil Science Training (BESST)


CZ Science in the Classroom

30 Nov 2016 - Members of the CZO National Office continue to hold workshops, presentions, posters and events in an effort to integrate CZ science at the K-12 and...

Critical Zone Q&A with researcher Adrian Harpold

19 Oct 2016 - University of Nevada Reno's Adrian Harpold reflects on his past and present time researching at Critical Zone Observatories.

An illustrated introduction to the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory!

22 Sep 2016 - An introduction to the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory, by Justin Richardson and Dan Richter, illustrated by Alana McGillis has just been posted!...

CZNews: Summer 2016

24 Jul 2016 - CZO Newsletter CZNews: Summer 2016

Critical Zone Profile - Diego Barcellos

09 Jun 2016 - PhD Student, Soil Science, University of Georgia

CU-Boulder to dedicate new SEEC facility today

14 Apr 2016 - The new SEEC building, the BcCZO home is being dedicated today April 14th. New labs, new offices!! BOULDER -- A dedication ceremony and reception...

CZNews: Spring 2016

13 Apr 2016 - The CZO National Office Newsletter CZNews: Spring 2016

Adventures in the Critical Zone –CZO network’s new blog

09 Feb 2016 - Adventures in the Critical Zone is a new blog led by the National Office Post-Doctoral Fellow Justin Richardson to explore critical zone science.

Korean KNU CZO visit great success!

01 Feb 2016 - BcCZO‬ had a great visit from the ‪KNU‬ ‪‎CZO‬ in South Korea. A new CZO that has been funded for about 5 months...

Boulder Creek CZO has the honor of a visit from a South Korean CZO!

25 Jan 2016 - We are very excited to announce that a group of 8 scientists from Kangwon University, South Korea, will visit us this week to learn about how our...

CZOs at AGU 2015

14 Jan 2016 - CZOs at AGU 2015: Award recipients and agenda

CZNews: Winter 2016

11 Jan 2016 - The CZO National Office Newsletter CZNews: Winter 2016


Suzanne Anderson’s presentation inspired this great comic strip by Miles Traer!

23 Dec 2015 - AGU 2015 was a great sucess this year, and inspired this great little cartoon by Miles Traer. Miles has been working with the American Geophysical...

Critical Zone Profile - KATHERINE O’NEILL (ecosystem ecologist, Associate Professor)

15 Nov 2015 - Associate Professor, Environmental Science, Roanoke College

KQED Quest program features Eel River and Sierra CZOs

10 Nov 2015 - San Francisco's KQED public television features the Eel River and the Southern Sierra CZOs in a production of QUEST, a science and technology...

Sino-USA CZO scientists meet to discuss future collaborations

09 Oct 2015 - About 60 Chinese and American critical zone scientists met in Guiyang, China for two days of discussions and presentations on the significance of...

CZNews: Fall 2015

01 Oct 2015 - The CZO National Office Newsletter CZNews: Fall 2015

Anderson Receives 2015 G. K. Gilbert Award

17 Sep 2015 - From the Eos LogoEarth & Space Science News. Robert Anderson will receive the 2015 G. K. Gilbert Award at the 2015 American Geophysical Union...

Critical Zone Profile - MELISSA FOSTER (geologist, PhD student)

07 Sep 2015 - PhD Student, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) and the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado

Critical Zone Profile - THEODORE BARNHART (hydrologist, PhD student)

07 Sep 2015 - PhD Student, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research / Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder

Critical Zone Profile - CARLOS OROZA (systems engineer, PhD student)

07 Sep 2015 - PhD Student, Systems Engineering, University of California Berkeley

Critical Zone Profile - LINDSAY ARVIN (geomorphologist, PhD student)

07 Sep 2015 - PhD Student, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Wyoming

Critical Zone Profile - MELISSA THAW (mountain hydrologist, PhD student)

07 Sep 2015 - PhD Student, Environmental Systems, University of California Merced

Joint AGU-ESA Event Brings Together Collaborative Networks

17 Aug 2015 - Members of AGU and the Ecological Society of America came together in their first joint event to discuss opportunities for research collaboration.

CZO Ecology Session at ESA 2015 Meeting

16 Jul 2015 - A session entitled 'Ecology in the Critical Zone" will take place at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) 2015 Meeting held  from August...

Jon Chorover to speak at international workshop on hydro-biogeochemical processes

16 Jul 2015 - Jon Chorover of the Santa Catalina Mountains & Jemez River Basin CZO has been invited to talk at the Hydro-Biogeochemical Processes: Mechanisms,...

CZNews: Summer 2015 is here!

01 Jul 2015 - Check out the summer edition of the CZO National Office's quarterly newsletter CZNews!

Salon on Deep Critical Zone Architecture held June 14-18, 2015

26 Jun 2015 - An international group of 17 researchers met at Snow Mountain Ranch, Granby, Colorado for 3.5 days of presentations and discussions on the nature of...

Learning exercise: How African dust feeds the Puerto Rico ecosystem

10 Jun 2015 - CZO and AGI distribute a hands-on learning exercise on the "Connectivity of Global Ecosystems: The Influence of Dry Deserts on Tropical Rain Forests"

Video: CZ graduate students reflect on experience at University of Western Australia Summer School

13 May 2015 - Students from around the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) gathered in Perth for two weeks in Feb. 2015 for the Inaugural WUN Summer School.

Critical Zone Profile - KEITH BOUMA-GREGSON (freshwater ecologist, PhD student)

07 Apr 2015 - PhD Student, Integrative Biology, University of California Berkeley.

Geology paper about Boulder flood on release picked up by the press.

01 Apr 2015 - The Boulder Creek CZO and coauthors are highlighted in recent articles for their analysis of flooding and debris flows from the historic 2013...

Introducing a CZO Newsletter: CZNews

30 Mar 2015 - The CZO National Office introduces a quarterly newsletter: CZNews!

Critical Zone Profile - DANIELLA REMPE (hydrologist, geomorphologist, PhD student)

24 Mar 2015 - PhD Student, Earth and Planetary Science, University of California Berkeley

Critical Zone Profile - CHRISTOPHER SHEPARD (soil researcher, PhD student)

17 Mar 2015 - PhD Student; Soil, Water, and Environmental Science; University of Arizona.

Critical Zone Profile - JASPER OSHUN (environmental scientist, PhD student)

17 Mar 2015 - PhD Student, Earth and Planetary Science, University of California Berkeley.

Critical Zone Profile - XAVIER ZAPATA-RIOS (hydrologist, PhD student)

13 Mar 2015 - PhD Student, Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona.

U.S. CZ science students attend Soil Science and Climate Change summer school in Australia

02 Feb 2015 - Seven students attend international summer school from January 29 to February 13, 2015



04 Dec 2014 - The NSF-funded Critical Zone Observatories (CZOs) and National Office (CZONO) will be well represented at the upcoming annual meeting of the...

NSF announcement: CZO Science Across Virtual Institutes project funded

26 Nov 2014 - The National Science Foundation announced funding of the five-year Critical Zone Observatories Science Across Virtual Institutes project.

Using a CZO network to explore the architecture, dynamics and evolution of the Critical Zone

03 Nov 2014 - The US CZO National Office has organized a webinar on December 8, 2014 at 11AM - 12:30 PM ET.

CZO REUs and RETs present research at 2014 CUAHSI Biennial Meeting

26 Aug 2014 - The Critical Zone Observatory Research Experience for Undergraduates and Research Experience for Teachers program participants traveled to...

FAQ for 2014 All Hands Meeting

20 Aug 2014 - Answers to frequently asked questions.

Aufdenkampe honored for outstanding service to water sciences community

30 Jul 2014 - Anthony Aufdenkampe, Ph.D., was recognized for his national leadership and community building for the Critical Zone Observatory network.

CZO National Office announced

17 Jun 2014 - A CZO National Office (CZONO) has been announced, directed by Lou Derry (Cornell) with coordination activities led by Tim White (Penn State).

Hands-on learning exercises available from CZOs

10 Jun 2014 - CZO and AGI create succinct exercises for secondary education classrooms. The exercises are based on CZO data and were distributed to 16,000 teachers

Critical Zone Science & Management Course

06 May 2014 - Critical Zone Science & Management Class ENVS‐GEO‐HWR 422/522 in Fall 2014

2014 All Hands Meeting

24 Apr 2014 - Information for the 2014 All Hands Meeting for the CZO Network on 21-14 September, including registration information and abstract submission.

The incredible edible aquifer at the Idaho State University Communiversity event

03 Apr 2014 - Fifty K-12 students plus parents were engaged by the edible aquifer and learned about their source of drinking water and aquifer

“What’s so critical about the Critical Zone?” webinar

02 Apr 2014 - March 31, 2014. Dr. Enriqueta Barrera (NSF CZO program director) and Dr. Gordon Grant (USFS; CZO Steering Committee chairperson)

Calhoun Geophysics Week with Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics

01 Apr 2014 - Wyoming Experts in Geophysics Visit the Calhoun CZO for Four Days of Measurements

Richter interviewed on YouTube by British Society of Soil Science

01 Apr 2014 - Prof. John Quinton of Lancaster University interviews Prof. Richter for the BSSS on the changing model of soil, the topic of the 2013 Russell Lecture

UNESCO IHP has issued a Monograph on the Science and Practice of Integrated River Basin Management

17 Jan 2014 - The report is the product  of the North American - UNESCO HELP workshop held at Portland State University,  Portland, Oregon, May 10 -12,...


CZO at AGU 2013

04 Dec 2013 - CZO PIs, staff, and students will be very active at the upcoming AGU meeting. Read on to learn about opportunities to engage this community.

BcCZO at the American Geophysical Union’s 46th annual Fall Meeting!

01 Dec 2013 - Join the BcCZO and more than 22,000 Earth and space scientists, educators, students, and other leaders in San Francisco, California, 9-13 December,...

CZO REU/RET opportunity

28 Nov 2013 - REU/RET opportunity at the Shale HIlls and Christina River Basin CZOs.

CZO researchers present at GSA in Denver

04 Nov 2013 - CZO researchers presented the results of various scientific studies at the 125th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America.

The Colorado Storm and Flood of 2013

25 Oct 2013 - Persistent, heavy rains in the Colorado Front Range broke several rainfall records and led to catastrophic flooding and geomorphic activity.

Fresh landslides triggered during September’s deluge

03 Oct 2013 - Heavy Rainfall and the Geomorphic Response During the week of September 9th, 2013, several days of continuous rainfall caused widespread...

CZ-tope: Using multiple isotopes to understand watersheds

08 Aug 2013 - We would like to introduce CZ-tope, an international effort the Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory is initiating to promote isotopic...

Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets Rock

11 Jul 2013 - The National Science Foundation's Cheryl Dybas recently finalized a new report entitled "Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets...

CZO Researchers Develop Hands-On Exercises for K-12 Teachers

28 May 2013 - Exploring the Critical Zone with LiDAR: A Hands-On Exercise

CZOs to offer K-12 teacher training at annual GSA meeting

01 Apr 2013 - CZO K-12 teacher short course to be offered at the 125th anniversary, annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver, October 27-30, 20

CZO team to develop a new course through InTeGrate

01 Apr 2013 - CZO education and outreach team receives funding from NSF-sponsored InTeGrate project to develop an undergraduate course in Critical Zone science.

“BiG CZ” Scientific Software Integration Proposal Submitted to NSF

19 Mar 2013 - SI2-SSI: The community-driven BiG CZ software system for integration and analysis of bio- and geoscience data in the critical zone.

Post-doctoral researcher Adrian Harpold funded to accomplish cross-CZO science

11 Jan 2013 - Harpold awarded an NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship for a research and education program that spans 3 western Critical Zone Observatories


Online Registration Open for Critical Zone EarthCube Domain Workshop, Jan. 21-23, 2013.

04 Dec 2012 - Registration for virtural participation still open! Registration for in-person participation closed on Sun. Jan 6, 2013.

CZO Presentations at 2012 AGU

03 Dec 2012 - A listing of more than 125 CZO-related presentations for the 2012 annual meeting of the AGU.

CZO PI takes Penn State Hydrologic Model to Chania, Crete

19 Jul 2012 - In a four day workshop focused on reactive transport modeling, PI Chris Duffy and his research group teach the finer points of the Penn State...

Collaborating Undergrad Awarded Society of Exploration Geophysicists Scholarship

04 Jun 2012 - Derek Lichtner, undergraduate at Temple University, has recently been awarded the David C. Bartel Scholarship from SEG. Lichtner has participated in...


January edition of CSA News features the Critical Zone Observatories

21 Dec 2011 - The January 2012 cover story of CSA News investigates the Critical Zone Observatories.

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