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CZ Science in the Classroom

CZO RET Lauren Smith held a CZ science teachers workshop at Penn State in summer of 2016.

30 Nov 2016

Image: CZO RET Lauren Smith held a CZ science teachers workshop at Penn State in summer of 2016. [Click image to enlarge]

Members of the CZO National Office continue to hold workshops, presentions, posters and events in an effort to integrate CZ science at the K-12 and undergraduate level. 


A webinar hosted by InTeGrate was held on November 30, 2016 entitled "Teaching about the Critical Zone and the Changing Biosphere" as part of a series supporting teaching with InTeGrate principles and materials. Speakers Tim White (CZONO, PSU), coauthor of the InTeGrate course "Critical Zone Science," and Camille Holmgren (SUNY Buffalo State), coauthor of the module "Changing Biosphere," spoke to 39 participants. The webinar highlighted teaching strategies and examples ranging from in-class activities to capstone projects that show students the importance of the critical zone and the role humans play in changing the biosphere.

Watch the webinar here:


The Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association held a conference in State College, PA on November 30-December 2, 2016. The CZO National Office 's Tim White and Don Duggan-Haas along with 2016 CZO RET Lauren Smith (Wilson School District) held a series of sessions on integrating the interdisciplinarity of CZ science in K-12 classrooms. These sessions are listed below: 

An Introduction to Critical Zone Science
Dr. Timothy White, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.
Thursday, December 1, 1:45PM, Lecture --Other --Research

Critical Zone Science: Creating an interdisciplinary approach to teaching science in secondary schools using NGSS
Ms. Lauren Smith, Wilson School District, Southern Middle School, West Lawn, PA.
Thursday, December 1, 3:00PM, Lecture --9 through 12 --Other

The Nuts and Bolts of Doing Earth and Environmental Science Fieldwork: Studying the Critical Zone
Dr. Don Duggan-Haas, The Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth & Cayuga Nature Center Ithaca, NY.
Thursday, December 1, 4:15PM, Lecture --9 through 12 --Other


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