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“Voices of Fire,” a documentary film about wildfire in the West, is now available on YouTube!

05 Sep 2017
News Source: Montana PBS

Hugo Sindelar's documentary film about the Soda Fire, which burned the northern portion of Reynolds Creek and a total of 280,000 acres in just 7 days.

"Voices of Fire" is a 25-minute film exploring the role of wildfires in the West, and how affected Idaho ranchers and ecosystems can rebound from such a tragedy.  The Soda Fire can be used as a case study to discuss rangeland mangement and how to prevent future wildfires in the area.

We are proud to anounce that in addition to being aired on Montana PBS and Idaho Public Television in August and September of 2017, "Voices of Fire" is now available to the public on Reynolds Creek YouTube Channel:

If you are interested in learning more about Voices of Fire, please contact Hugo Sindelar (

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