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AGI’s ‘Faces of Earth’ Series on YouTube

20 Jun 2017
News Source: The American Geosciences Institute

AGI has released its award-winning "Faces of Earth" series on YouTube for Earth Science Week 2017.

The American Geosciences Institute has released its award-winning Faces of Earth series on YouTube in full High Definition. Delve into the Faces of Earth and rediscover the wonders behind our dynamic planet. From the resounding cacophony that bore Earth 4.6 billion years ago, to the steady and resolute changes that affect our surroundings even today, the Faces of Earth series explores the vibrant, forceful, and ever-changing facets of planet Earth.

Building the Planet, episode one in the four-part series, travels back in time and strips away the layers of Earth to witness the explosion that formed the planet. Earthquakes rumble, volcanoes explode, and lands transform as we explore the science behind plate tectonics in Shaping the Planet, the second episode in the series. In Assembling America, the third installment in the Faces of Earth series, viewers travel with geoscientists and explore how time and the forces of nature have shaped the continent and influence the United States even today. Finally, discover the delicate balance between Earth and its inhabitants in the fourth and final video, A Human World. In this video, viewers learn how Earth has shaped human evolution, and how humans, in turn, are now shaping the evolution of Earth through geologic, climatic and other changes. Read more of this press release

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Building the Planet

Shaping the Planet

Assembling America

A Human World


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