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InTeGrate Webinar: Critical Zone Science—A Transdisciplinary Approach to Environmental Science


11 May 2018
News Source: SERC

A free webinar on CZ Science as a transdisciplinary approach to environmental science.


On Thursday, May 17 at 2 PM ET, presenters Tim White, Ashlee Dere, Adam Wymore, and Justin Richardson will lead a free webinar on the subject of Critical Zone Science: A Transdisciplinary Approach to Environmental Science. Earth's critical zone (CZ) is the uppermost layer of Earth's continents, which supports ecosystems and humans alike. CZ science aims to understand how interactions among rock, soil, water, air, and terrestrial organisms influence Earth as a habitable system. Thus, CZ science provides the framework for a holistic-systems approach to teaching Earth surface and environmental science, especially related to environmental sustainability. Participants in this webinar will be introduced to the basic concepts of critical zone science and observatories as well as a transdisciplinary full-semester, university curriculum that introduces upper-division students to CZ science. At the end of this webinar, participants will have a basic understanding of the critical zone, what it is and how it is studied, stressing societal relevance of the concepts; awareness of the upper-level undergraduate semester-long course entitled "Critical Zone Science" and how materials could be used in courses or curriculum; renewed interest and enthusiasm for teaching transdisciplinary Earth surface and environmental science.

Registration for this webinar should be completed by Tuesday, May 15th.

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