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William H . McDowell


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biogeochemistry, Hydrology

Professor of Environmental Science and Presidential Chair, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of New Hampshire

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Research in the McDowell lab focuses on understanding controls on biogeochemical cycles in streams, forests, and watersheds. Specifically, we study long-term changes in the water quality of forested, suburban, and urban watersheds in both temperate and tropical watersheds. Our primary long-term study sites include the Lamprey River and other suburban watersheds in southern New Hampshire, the Luquillo Experimental Forest and urban sites in Puerto Rico, and forested watersheds in New England and the Czech Republic. Understanding the impact of people on water quality, especially impacts on the nitrogen cycle, is a long-term goal in many of our research projects. Primary funding comes from the National Science Foundation, the EPA Clean Air Division, the USDA, and other Federal agencies.

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