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DATA - Luquillo

Meteorological measurements at 4 stations.

Soil temperature and moisture sensor network.
Soil geochemistry survery at 24 sites with different climates, lithologies, and forest types.
Surface water chemistry measured at different climates, lithologies, and forest types.
Data sharing with Luquillo LTER.

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Rain gage at Sabana USDA- Forest Service field research station. 

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Integrated Data System

We are working with other CZOs to develop cross-CZO capabilities for sharing, integrating, analyzing, and preserving CZO data.

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Data sets include:

Streamflow / Discharge
Stream Water Chemistry
GIS, Map data
Soil Moisture/ Temperature

For a full list go to: Luquillo CZO dataset listing


The Luquillo CZO has been a pioneer in the development of CZ Manager, a database administration tool for Observation Data Model 2 (ODM2) availabe on github

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