ARCHIVED CONTENT: In December 2020, the CZO program was succeeded by the Critical Zone Collaborative Network (CZ Net) ×
Christina CZO was active 2009-2013 ×


CZOs build state-of-art research infrastructure for the greater CZ science community.

We then use that infrastructure to test our own hypotheses and conceptual models.

Drilling continous cores and wells in the Spring Brook Catchment.  Photo: Beth Wenell.

Field Areas:

Christina River Basin

1440 km2, -0.75-329 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

The 6th order Christina River Basin (CRB, 1440 km2), consists of 4 sub-watersheds: White Clay Creek (WCC, 277 km2); Red Clay Creek (RCC, 140 km2); Brandywine Creek (BC, 842 km2); and the tidal Christina River (CR, 202 km2) — that straddle southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware and flow into the Delaware Estuary.

White Clay Creek @ SWRC

7.5 km2, 91-168 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Transect A

12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Boulton Run

0.2 km2, 109-146 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Forest Endmember: Spring Brook

0.096 km2, 80-154 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Agricultural Endmember: South Branch Doe Run

0.69 km2, 138-195 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Construction Endmember: White Clay Creek below landfill

1.3 km2, 138-200 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Lower White Clay Creek

12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Riparian Buffer Experiment @ Stroud Preserve/Georgia Farm

12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Halfway Run

0.145 km2, 87-127 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Morris Run

0.149 km2, 79-116 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Mine Hill Run

0.341 km2, 78-119 m elevation, 12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Other Research Sites in CRB

12 °C, 1145 mm/yr

Satellite sites

The "sapprolite to sea" approach of the CRB-CZO requires inclusion of coastal and other sites outside of the Christina River Basin.