ARCHIVED CONTENT: In December 2020, the CZO program was succeeded by the Critical Zone Collaborative Network (CZ Net) ×
Christina CZO was active 2009-2013 ×

Agricultural Endmember: South Branch Doe Run

Field Areas     

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0.69 km2   Area

138 - 195 m   Elev

12 °C   Temp

1145 mm   Precip

Parent Field Area:
Christina River Basin ▲



Soil Order

Inceptisol, Ultisol


deciduous forest

Land Use

agricultural land

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Human Impacts
  • Geology

    • metasediments

    Agricultural endmember geology

  • Topography

    138 - 195 m elevation (176 m mean)

    Elevation data are based on 10m DEM data from USGS National Elevation Data.

    Agricultural endmember topography

  • Climate

    12 °C Mean Annual Temp
    1145 mm Mean Annual Precipitation

    There is an exceptionally long climate record for the Christina River Basin. Our figures are based on 115 years of NOAA data back to 1894 with at least one station per year having at least 360 days of non-missing records in the given year. Visit the climate tab for the entire Christina River Basin to view plots of climate data.

  • Soil

    • Inceptisol
    • Ultisol

    Agricultural endmember soils

  • Human Impacts

    • agricultural land

    Agricultural endmember land use/land cover

    Land Use/ Land Cover Types (Level II)
    Category LULCID %
    Developed, Open Space 21 3.2
    Deciduous Forest 41 7.5
    Mixed Forest 43 0.5
    Shrub/Scrub 52 3.0
    Pasture/Hay 81 66.1
    Cultivated Crops 82 19.7


    Land Use/ Land Cover Types (Level I)
    Category %
    Open Water 0.0
    Developed, Open Space 3.2
    Developed 0.0
    Barren Land 0.0
    Forest 8.0
    Shrub/Scrub 3.0
    Grassland/Herbaceous 0.0
    Agriculture 85.8
    Wetlands 0.0

    Land use/cover data from the National Land Cover Dataset for 2006.