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Craig Rasmussen


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Environmental Physics and Mineralogy

Assistant Professor of Environmental Pedology and Director for the Center for Environmental Physics and Mineralogy

PhD, University of California; Davis, 2004

His research focuses on soil forming processes and the importance of soils in ecosystem function and biogeochemical cycles. His research and teaching program spans a broad range of topics that include: i) organic and inorganic carbon cycling, with a focus on mineral weathering processes and the interaction of organic materials with mineral surfaces; ii) quantifying the interaction of geomorphic and pedogenic processes from pedon to watershed scales and how these interactions control sediment transport, chemical weathering and landscape evolution; iii) energy-based modeling of pedogenesis and ecosystem function; iv) digital soil mapping and soil-landscape classification and use of digital datasets to model the distribution of soil physical and chemical properties; and v) soil development control of soil-water dynamics and ecosystem response to climate change.

CZO Publications