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Adrian Harpold

Cross-CZO Alumni/Former

Former Post Doc at Jemez-Catalina

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Boulder, Catalina-Jemez
Catchment Hydrology

NSF EAR Postdoctoral Fellow at INSTAAR and NCAR
INSTAAR - Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research
Harpold's INSTAAR page

NSF EAR Postdoctoral Fellow at INSTAAR and NCAR
NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research

University of Nevada-Reno

Harpold's page

MS, Virginia Tech
PhD, Cornell University, 2010
Postdoctoral, Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona

My research questions are three-fold and focused on understanding water availability and partitioning in seasonally snow-covered montane forested catchments: 1. How does vegetation structure modulate the efficiency of snowpacks for providing ecosystem services across a climate gradient of mixed-conifer forests? 2. How is water availability likely to respond to projected increases in forest disturbance and changes to the the amount and timing of snowmelt? 3. How do we scale ‘point’ measurements from intensively studied research watersheds to larger water resource management areas in the face of climate and landscape variability?

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