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Adam Wymore


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Stream Ecology, Stream biogeochemistry

PhD, Biology, Northern Arizona University, 2013
MS, Biology, California State University, Sacramento, 2009
BA, Biology, Earlham College, 1999

I am a freshwater ecologist broadly interested in stream biogeochemical processes. Specifically, I study the fate of terrestrially-derived dissolved organic matter in streams. I apply a variety of optically-based and analytical-based techniques (e.g. UV/Vis absorbance, pyrolysis Gas chromatography mass spectroscopy) to understand how the composition of dissolved organic matter changes with source and across the landscape. I also use techniques such as gas chromatography to quantify fluxes of C and N and molecular techniques (high-throughput DNA sequencing) to describe changes in the composition of the microbial community with different inputs of dissolved organic matter.

CZO Publications