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2013 News

November  2013

Geochemist’s workbench conference to be hosted at UPenn

27 Nov 2013 - For more information and to register please visit the workshops webpage The workshops will be presented by...

Stephen Porder publishes op-ed in The New York Times

25 Nov 2013 - A FEW years ago, one of my graduate students showed me a Google Earth image that changed my view of the world. On a photo showing all of South...

Career Opportunities: NSF Program Director, Hydrologic Sciences, Rotator; two (2)  Openings

12 Nov 2013 - The Division of Earth Sciences has two vacant rotator positions in the Hydrologic Sciences program of the Surface Earth Processes (SEP)...

August  2013

Deep fractures in the Luquillo critical zone

12 Aug 2013 - The interfaces where intact bedrock weathers to disaggregated material, such as saprolite and soil, are often hidden deep within the critical zone...

July  2013

Sustaining Earth’s Critical Zone - Report from 2011 International CZ Meeting

29 Jul 2013 - International CZ science community outlines interdisciplinary research needed to address land use changes, climate change, and biodiversity decline

Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets Rock

11 Jul 2013 - The National Science Foundation's Cheryl Dybas recently finalized a new report entitled "Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets...

June  2013

Landscape Evolution and Nutrients in the Luquillo Critical Zone

18 Jun 2013 - Combining old-fashioned field work and the latest LiDAR images provides new insight into the evolution of the Luquillo Critical Zone.  Our...

InTeGrating CZO Science

06 Jun 2013 - During the week of May 19, five faculty members interested in Critical Zone science traveled to Northfield, MN to participate in an InTeGrate...

May  2013

Old Water from New Storms in Tropical Streams

31 May 2013 -  One persisting question in hydrology is how do catchments store ‘old’ water for long periods (months or even years), but then...

Sorting out the effects of storms on landscapes in Luquillo

24 May 2013 - {embed1} The slow erosion of mountains is driven by the cumulative effects of innumerable storms. There are few places more stormy than the Luquillo...

Opportunity: Vacancy-NSF Section Head, Surface Earth Processes (EAR)

16 May 2013 - Job Title:  Section Head, Surface Earth Processes Section Agency:  National Science Foundation Job Announcement Number: ...

April  2013

Sabbatical Opportunity at WyCEHG

17 Apr 2013 - Distinguished Sabbatical Visitor Fellowship The Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics (WyCEHG) invites applications for the...

March  2013

El Yunque, Majestic Rocky Icon of Puerto Rico: Impervious to the Ravages of Time?

01 Mar 2013 - El Yunque. It could be the name of an ancient chieftain. On the island of Puerto Rico, in a sense it is. El Yunque, Spanish for "the anvil," is a...

February  2013

Goldschmidt 2013, Session 16B: Probing the Critical Zone

25 Feb 2013 - Submit an abstract by 12 April for Session 16B: Probing the Critical Zone, to be held at Goldschmidt 2013 in Florence, Italy 25-30 August 2013.

New Ceilometer installed at the Sabana field station

15 Feb 2013 -  A new ceilometer, used to measure cloud base altitude, has been installed in at the USFS Sabana field research station. This instrument when...

Learn about Tropical Hydrology in Panama, Registration due Febuary 28th!

14 Feb 2013 - Tropical Hydrology/Hydrogeochemistry Field Course May 13-24, 2013 Hosted by the Technological University of Panama, University of Wyoming, The...

January  2013

New data set on stream channel response to urbanization

17 Jan 2013 - A new data set on stream channel response to urbanization in the humid tropical region of NE Puerto Rico has been published on the LCZO data...

In Memoriam: Frederick Scatena 1954-2013

02 Jan 2013 - Frederick Scatena, PI of the Luquillo CZO, died peacefully at home on January 2, 2013 after a brief battle with cancer. We mourn the loss.

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