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New Ceilometer installed at the Sabana field station

Photo: Carlos R Estrada Ruiz USDA Forest Service

15 Feb 2013

Image: Photo: Carlos R Estrada Ruiz USDA Forest Service [Click image to enlarge]

 A new ceilometer, used to measure cloud base altitude, has been installed in at the USFS Sabana field research station. This instrument when combined with existing climate stations, cloud water collectors, and radar and satellite images provide an unprecedented opportunity to quantify seasonal and spatial variation in cloud immersion of the Luquillo Mountains, which is important for critical zone evolution in the Luquillo Mountains.

New Ceilometer at Sabana. 

Installation and Management by USDA Forest Service -IITF:

Grizelle González - Project Leader, Research Unit
USDA FS - International Institute of Tropical Forestry
voice: 787-764-7800

New Ceilometer at Sabana. 

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