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DATA - Reynolds Creek

The RC CZO data management goals are to facilitate data publication, sharing, and integration of data collected at the RC, support data analysis, and promote cross-CZO comparisons and modeling. The intent is to provide quality data in an efficient manner, engage the community, and disseminate our observations and findings, while supporting scientific goals and data archiving.

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Integrated Data System

We are working with other CZOs to develop cross-CZO capabilities for sharing, integrating, analyzing, and preserving CZO data.

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The RCCZO leverages existing cyberinfrastructure (CI) in Idaho and national efforts to assist wiyh our data management objectives. We are committed to collaborating with the CZO network data management team on their network level initiatives, as well as promoting data integration among the concurrent USDA-ARS, CZO, and Long Term Agricultural Research (LTAR) presences on the Reynolds Creek watershed. Specifically, RCCZO is working with its collaborating institutions to develop sustainability plans and practices aimed at enhancing data collection, curation, and distribution to a variety of audiences by implementing ODM2 controlled vocabulary, listing datasets with DOI-issuing repositories, including, OpenTopography, AgCommons, and institutional libraries (e.g. BSU ScholarWorks), and providing data discovery tools.

Data Events

Discipline Tag: Data Management / Cyberinfrastructure

1:1 Data Consultation: Reynolds CZO and CZOData team

Reynolds CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

Online: 11-1 EDT / 10-12 CDT / 9-11 MDT / 8-10 PDT.

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