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The Eel River CZO cyberinfrastructure effort is centered around NSF-sponsored Observations Data Model projects.  We have developed the Berkeley Sensor Database with a focus on practical management of large scale monitoring systems.

Please visit the Berkeley Sensor Database, log in as "guest" with no password to peruse our public datasets.

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Integrated Data System

We are working with other CZOs to develop cross-CZO capabilities for sharing, integrating, analyzing, and preserving CZO data.

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Informatics & Cyberinfrastructure

The Eel River CZO adopted a modified version of the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc.'s (CUAHSI) Hydrologic Information System (HIS).  We migrated the Observations Data Model (ODM 1.1) to an open source LAMP platform and added methods to record information regarding data quality and events that affect sensors.  Our Berkeley Sensor Database can by accessed using 'guest' login.  It has been in operation since 2008 and has over 300 million records for 700 instruments at a 5 minute timestep.  (PDF of poster, 50MB).

AGU 2010 Poster on the Sensor Database CyberInfrastructure

Associated Files

Berkeley Sensor Database Poster, AGU 2010
(53 MB pdf)
AGU Conference Poster, 2010 on Berkeley Sensor Database, an implementation of CUAHSI's ODM for the Keck HydroWatch project. PDF 50MB.

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