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NSF Blog: No soils, no life

27 Oct 2020 - They’re beneath our feet, but we seldom hear important signals in the soils

2020 CZO Webinar Series on Sustainability

17 Jun 2020 - For an updated listing of these talks, including abstracts, see /national/education-outreach/sustainability-2020/ The U.S....


CZOs at AGU 2019

19 Nov 2019 - A list of CZ-related sessions, abstracts and events at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting.

CZ colleagues: Please contact us about proposals for NSF’s CZ Collaborative Network, due 02 Dec 2019

08 Jul 2019 - CZO will end Nov 2020, succeeded by the “CZ Collaborative Network”. Let’s explore how the CZ community can build upon the CZOs via new NSF proposals.


CZOs at AGU 2018

19 Nov 2018 - The 2018 AGU Fall Meeting will be held December 10-14 in Washington, D.C.

Call for proposals: Research Coordination Networks (RCNs) Driving Convergent CZ Science

12 Jul 2018 - NSF Dear Colleague Letter: Research Coordination Networks (RCNs) for Driving Convergent Science in the Critical Zone

NSF Discovery articles focus on the CZOs.

10 May 2018 - The Discoveries section of the National Science Foundation's website on Critical Zone Observatories (CZOs).

White paper of 2017 CZ Science Meeting in Arlington, VA

01 Jan 2018 - New Opportunities for Critical Zone Science Following the June 2017 Arlington Meeting for Critical Zone Science (hosted by CZO), a white booklet...


CZOs at AGU 2017

05 Dec 2017 - Information on CZO award recipients, events, presentations, etc. at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting.

Water Resources Research Special Collection: Concentration-discharge relations in the critical zone

30 Oct 2017 - Water Resources Research published a new special collection in September 2017 featuring concentration-discharge research from multiple CZOs.

NSF News Release: What’s killing trees during droughts? Scientists have new answers.

14 Aug 2017 - Researchers find that carbon starvation and hydraulic failure kill drought-stricken trees.

AGU Horton Research Grant Award

03 Jul 2017 - Ravindra Dwivedi received the prestigious 2017 AGU Horton Research Grant to support his CZO work in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The frontier beneath our feet — an AGU commentary on the critical zone

21 Apr 2017 - AGU has published a collection of commentaries highlighting the important role Earth and space science research plays in society.

2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society

06 Apr 2017 - 2017 CZO Webinar Series: Critical Zone and Society.


CZOs at AGU 2016

22 Nov 2016 - CZOs at AGU 2016: Agenda and award recipients

Critical Zone Q&A with researcher Adrian Harpold

19 Oct 2016 - University of Nevada Reno's Adrian Harpold reflects on his past and present time researching at Critical Zone Observatories.

AGU Abstracts due August 3: List of CZ Sessions

24 Jul 2016 - AGU 2016 sessions related to CZ science. Submit your abstract by August 3.

Post-Wildfire Erosion Can Sculpt Forested Mountains

19 Apr 2016 - Researchers from the UA Santa Catalina Mountains & Jemez River Basin Critical Zone Observatory did before-and-after studies of how severe...

EOS: Bark Beetles Cause Big Tree Die-Offs, but Streams Flow Steadily

10 Mar 2016 - EOS article written by Lily Strelich features research conducted by CZO investigators and their colleagues, which shows that bark beetle epidemics...

The 2016 MG Anderson Award

03 Mar 2016 - The 2016 MG Anderson Award for Outstanding Paper in Hydrological Processes, Wiley is presented to Jemez-Catalina CZO investigators.

EOS Opinion: Understanding Ecosystem Services from a Geosciences Perspective

22 Jan 2016 - Assessment of ecosystem services can be improved by including broader spatial and temporal scales of geosciences perspectives.


EOS: Taking the Pulse of the Earth’s Surface Systems

04 Dec 2015 - Taking the Pulse of the Earth's Surface Systems In September of 2014, Laurel Larsen (UC Berkley), Elizabeth Hajek (Penn State), and others...

Forests Worldwide Vulnerable to Drought, UA Researcher Says

28 Aug 2015 - David Breshears was interviewed by Sara Hammond about forest vulnerability to growing risks of drought and heat-induced die-off. Read and listen...

Joint AGU-ESA Event Brings Together Collaborative Networks

17 Aug 2015 - Members of AGU and the Ecological Society of America came together in their first joint event to discuss opportunities for research collaboration.

CZO Ecology Session at ESA 2015 Meeting

16 Jul 2015 - A session entitled 'Ecology in the Critical Zone" will take place at the Ecological Society of America (ESA) 2015 Meeting held  from August...

Jon Chorover to speak at international workshop on hydro-biogeochemical processes

16 Jul 2015 - Jon Chorover of the Santa Catalina Mountains & Jemez River Basin CZO has been invited to talk at the Hydro-Biogeochemical Processes: Mechanisms,...

Soil, Not Dirt: A Digital Journey Connecting Soils, Plants, and Climate by Rebecca Lybrand

08 Jun 2015 - Join Rebecca on an exciting GoPro adventure to study soil in the desert, grasslands, and pine forests of Arizona.

Video: CZ graduate students reflect on experience at University of Western Australia Summer School

13 May 2015 - Students from around the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) gathered in Perth for two weeks in Feb. 2015 for the Inaugural WUN Summer School.

Critical Zone Profiles - Meet the people doing CZO science (Catalina-Jemez CZO)

19 Mar 2015 - Get a sense of the people and the work. Several members of the Catalina-Jemez CZO are profiled here, including students and professors.

Critical Zone Profile - CHRISTOPHER SHEPARD (soil researcher, PhD student)

17 Mar 2015 - PhD Student; Soil, Water, and Environmental Science; University of Arizona.

Critical Zone Profile - JENNIFER MCINTOSH (hydrobiogeochemist, associate professor)

17 Mar 2015 - Associate Professor, Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona.

Critical Zone Profile - KYLE TROSTLE (geochemist, postdoctoral researcher)

13 Mar 2015 - Postdoctoral Researcher; Soil, Water, and Environmental Science; University of Arizona.

Critical Zone Profile - XAVIER ZAPATA-RIOS (hydrologist, PhD student)

13 Mar 2015 - PhD Student, Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona.

Critical Zone Profile - RACHEL GALLERY (microbial biologist, assistant professor)

13 Mar 2015 - Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona.

Critical Zone Services: Expanding Context, Constraints, and Currency beyond Ecosystem Services

10 Feb 2015 - Critical Zone Services: Expanding Context, Constraints, and Currency beyond Ecosystem Services


Predicting post-wildfire erosion better

08 Dec 2014 - Jon Pelletier and his graduate student Caitlin Orem's research on the post Las Conchas fire erosion was highlighed in the Arizona Daily Star...

Using a CZO network to explore the architecture, dynamics and evolution of the Critical Zone

03 Nov 2014 - The US CZO National Office has organized a webinar on December 8, 2014 at 11AM - 12:30 PM ET.

2014 All Hands Meeting

24 Apr 2014 - Information for the 2014 All Hands Meeting for the CZO Network on 21-14 September, including registration information and abstract submission.

Reactive Transport Modeling Survey – Community Needs for Biogeochemical Studies

08 Apr 2014 - Reactive Transport Modeling Survey – Community Needs for Biogeochemical Studies The below survey is designed by Alexis Navarre-Sitchler, Kate...

“What’s so critical about the Critical Zone?” webinar

02 Apr 2014 - March 31, 2014. Dr. Enriqueta Barrera (NSF CZO program director) and Dr. Gordon Grant (USFS; CZO Steering Committee chairperson)


Buckmaster Show

22 Nov 2013 - UA College of Science ‘Superstars of Science’ series features Dr. Peter Troch, CZO Co-PI and Science Director at the UA Biosphere 2

Career Opportunities: NSF Program Director, Hydrologic Sciences, Rotator; two (2)  Openings

12 Nov 2013 - The Division of Earth Sciences has two vacant rotator positions in the Hydrologic Sciences program of the Surface Earth Processes (SEP)...

Best student presentation award

16 Sep 2013 - Congratulations to Caitlin Orem for the best student presentation award at the Chapman conference on Post-wildfire Runoff in Estes Park, CO.

Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets Rock

11 Jul 2013 - The National Science Foundation's Cheryl Dybas recently finalized a new report entitled "Discoveries in the Critical Zone: Where Life meets...

Trail of Fire Leads to Less Snow, Threatened Water Resources

26 Apr 2013 - Scientists study New Mexico's Rabbit Mountain, where forests burned in the 2011 Las Conchas fire

Post-doctoral researcher Adrian Harpold funded to accomplish cross-CZO science

11 Jan 2013 - Harpold awarded an NSF Earth Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship for a research and education program that spans 3 western Critical Zone Observatories

Regional shifts in snowfall, melt in intermountain west

10 Jan 2013 - Congratulations to Jemez-Catalina scientists Adrian Harpold, Paul Brooks and others whose Water Resources Research paper pertaining to snowpack...


CZO Presentations at 2012 AGU

03 Dec 2012 - A listing of more than 125 CZO-related presentations for the 2012 annual meeting of the AGU.

Catalinas’ rock: Life’s foundation

30 Oct 2012 - Scientists still don't know exactly how all that happens, and they have recently rigged the slopes of the Catalinas with a variety of...


Peter Troch received EGU’s John Dalton Medal 2011

01 Oct 2011 - The European Geosciences Union (EGU) has awarded the John Dalton Medal to Peter A. Troch for his seminal contributions to hydrology in the areas of...


Living in, discovering the critical zone

14 Oct 2010 - Article published in the special section of the Arizona Daily Star ...

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