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CZOData cyber-seminar: New Products Demonstrations

CZOData New Product Demos - CZOData Project Team

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar: National Products Update 2

CZOData Deliverables Report & Plan for 2015 - Anthony Aufdenkampe

Online webinar.

CZO National Webinar

Critical Zone science and global societal challenges


CZOData cyber-seminar: National Products Update

National CZOData Products Update - Anthony Aufdenkampe

Online webinar.

December 8 CZO webinar

Using a CZO network to explore the architecture, dynamics and evolution of the Critical Zone


CZOData cyber-seminar: Allocation Agent for IGSN

CZO Allocation Agent for International GeoSample Numbers (IGSN) - Kerstin Lehnert, Leslie Hsu and Megan Carter.

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar: Visualization Portal

CZO Data Visualization Portal - Emilio Mayorga

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar: Integrated Data Management System

Integrated Data Management System for Critical Zone Observatories - Anthony Aufdenkampe

Online webinar.

All Hands Meeting

2014 All Hands Meeting for the CZO Network

Tenaya Lodge, Fish Camp, California.


2014 Goldschmidt meeting in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Convention Center Complex, California.

CZOData cyber-seminar 7: Guidelines for authoring content

Guidelines for authoring web content at - David Lubinski and Shelly Sommer

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar 6:Publishing to EarthChem, other Repos

Protocols for sharing CZOData: Part 3: Publishing to EarthChem and other Repositories - Kerstin Lehnert & Leslie Hsu

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar 5: Sample management & IGSN

Sample management and IGSN registration - Kerstin Lehnert

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar 4: Future Systems & ODM2

CZOData Future Systems & Intro to Observations Data Model 2.0 (ODM2) - Jeff Horsburgh and Anthony Aufdenkampe

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar 3: Registering data files via CMS

Protocols for sharing CZOData: Part 2: Registering data files via - David Lubinski, Tom Whitenack & Anthony Aufdenkampe

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar 2: Data Publication with a Capital P

Protocols for sharing CZOData: Part 1: Data Publication with a Capital P - Kerstin Lehnert & Anthony Aufdenkampe

Online webinar.

CZOData cyber-seminar 1: Introduction & Overview

CZOData Introduction & Overview - Anthony Aufdenkampe

Online webinar.

AGU Fall Meeting

2013 AGU Fall Meeting - Southern Sierra CZO abstracts & presentations

San Francisco, Moscone Center.

GSA Annual Meeting

Geological Society of America, 2013 Annual Meeting - CZO presentations

Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado.

Webinar: Nutrient deserts, erosion and weathering in Sierra

Webinar offered April 18th on research from the Sierra Nevada range in California


AGU Fall Meeting 2012

CZOs give more than 125 presentations at the 2012 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

Moscone Center, Fourth and Howard Streets, San Francisco, CA.

CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Anthony Aufdenkampe on Christina CZO

Christina River Basin CZO: Spatial and temporal integration of carbon, mineral and water fluxes: a whole watershed approach to quantifying anthropogenic carbon sequestration


CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Fred Scatena on Luquillo CZO

The Luquillo CZO: Linking Lithology to Critical Zone Processes


CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Noah Molotch on western CZOs

Snowmelt as a Driver of Ecohydrological Processes: Low-hanging Fruit for Cross-CZO Research


CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Mike Goulden on S Sierra CZO

Relationships between elevation, climate, and ecosystem properties in the Sierra CZO


CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Chris Duffy on Shale HIlls CZO

The Susquehanna/Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: A Earth-System testbed for process and prediction


CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Jon Chorover on Jemez-Catalina CZO

The Jemez-Santa Catalina CZO: Transformative Behavior of Water, Energy and Carbon in the Critical Zone: Quantifying Linkages among Ecohydrology, Biogeochemistry, and Landscape Evolution


CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Suzanne Anderson on Boulder CZO

Boulder Creek CZO: Natural experiments to study Critical Zone evolution and function


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