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CUAHSI Cyberseminar - Chris Duffy on Shale HIlls CZO


The Susquehanna/Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: A Earth-System testbed for process and prediction


A CUAHSI cyberseminar is a PowerPoint presentation shown over the web in conjunction with a conference call for narration by the presenter. CUAHSI pays on a connection basis so minimizing the number of connections on each campus is preferable. If time allows, a question and answer period may follow.

Our interdisciplinary team works collaboratively at the Susquehanna-Shale Hills CZO to advance methods for characterizing regolith, to provide a theoretical basis for predicting the distribution, properties and evolution of regolith, and to theoretically and experimentally study the impacts of regolith on fluid pathways, flow rates, solute residence times, and response to climate change.

This CZO presentation is part of the Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Cyberseminars Theme — "Earth Observatories for Interdisciplinary Science: Reports from Critical Zone Observatories and Water, Sustainability and Climate Studies"

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