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Yannis G. Dialynas

Cross-CZO Alumni/Former

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Calhoun, Luquillo
Modelling of biogeochemical and hydro-geomorphic processes

Postdoctoral Fellow and NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow
Georgia Tech - Georgia Institute of Technology
Dialynas's Georgia Tech page

PhD, Water Resources & Hydrology, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2017
MSc, Water Resources Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013
Diploma, Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 2011

Soil erosion and deposition, key processes in landscape evolution, play an important role on global carbon cycle. These processes are a link to atmospheric CO2 and together may serve as sources or sinks of atmospheric CO2. The objective of my research is to elucidate how vegetation, lithology, climate, and human intervention alter the linkage between landscape evolution and carbon dynamics at watershed and regional scales. This study is based on coupled physically-based modelling (tRIBS-ECO) to dynamically account for feedbacks among hydro-geomorphic and biogeochemical processes in a spatially-explicit manner. Sites of particular hydrological and geomorphological interest are studied within the NSF supported Critical Zone Observatories of Calhoun in South Carolina, and Luquillo in Puerto Rico.

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