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Kamini Singha


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Boulder, Shale Hills
Hydrogeology, environmental geophysics, geostatistics

Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines

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Colorado School of Mines
Mines - Colorado School Of Mines

PhD, Hydrogeology , Stanford University, 2005

Research Interests: 1) Hydrologic processes utilizing geophysical techniques, hydrologic tools, and mathematical simulation to improve predictive modeling; 2) Quantification of the "geophysical footprint" to constrain the operation of parameters controlling fluid flow and solute transport in various settings; 3) Fluid flow and contaminant transport in porous media and fractured rock as well as groundwater-surface-water interactions; 4) Water quality degradation and human behavior; 5) Imaging moisture dynamics in desert ecosystems; 6) Exploring changes in infiltration after fire; 7) Quantifying kinetics of iron reduction given electrical measurements.

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