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Aaron J. Bandler


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Geophysics, Hydrology

Hydrology, Colorado School of Mines

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M.A. , Hydrologic Science and Engineering, , Colorado School of Mines, 2016
B.A. , Geology, Colorado College, 2011

My research explores the ability of hillslopes in montane watersheds to transmit water. Water typically moves through porous matrices and/or fractures in rock, and hypotheses suggest that the north- and south-facing slopes of Gordon Gulch, an archetypal Rocky Mountain basin in the Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory, have different subsurface architectures and different hydraulic conductivities. My research team uses boreholes to examine fracturing in bedrock and saprolite (weathered rock), and seismic refraction to assess whether there is directional dependence of seismic velocity. Using these data, we can compare the characteristics of fracturing (i.e. strike, dip, frequency, aperture), the degree of weathering, and the depth to geologic contacts.

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