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Third snow survey shows continuing dry conditions

SACRAMENTO -- Snow surveyors today confirmed that water content in the mountain snowpack is well below normal for the date.

During the latest snow survey on February 28, the CA Dept. of Water Resources found water resource projections are below normal due to dry weather.

The snowpack hasn’t actually lost much water content since the season’s first survey on January 2, when it was 134 percent of normal for that date, but it hasn’t continued to build as winter has deepened because
of the continuing warm weather that set in after the storms of late November and early December. In other words, the snowpack has not kept pace with the calendar. As a result, today’s snowpack water content is only 66 percent of average for this time of year, and only 57 percent of the average April 1 reading, when the snowpack normally is at its peak before beginning to melt into the state’s streams, reservoirs and aquifers.

Read more about projected snow in the Press Release from DWR or check out news links above. 

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