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Our View: Some topics to think about today [Thoughts on the local economy]

We typically use this space for a thumbs up- thumbs down approach and then once a month to offer some numbers of interest. Today's theme is simply things to think about, based on news items from around our region and state. As always, readers are welcome to share their thoughts, either in a letter to the editor or on, using the comment function.
After years of bad economic news for Merced County, some data surfaced this week that indicates things might finally be turning around. A report by the University of the Pacific Business Forecasting Center showed that while Merced's job growth was slow in 2012, it was steady and thankfully headed in the right direction. If it continues, it could reach pre-recession levels next year. As employers continue to discover what the valley has to offer in terms of land, government cooperation and improving infrastructure, numbers should only get better. With Merced housing values also on the rise, up 8 percent from 2011, it's time to exhale.

Read more at the Merced Sun-Star.

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