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Job opening: Field Manager

Apply now for the SSCZO Field Manager position! 

We are hiring a Staff Research Associate III. Position closes August 12, 2014

Position description

Providing laboratory and field engineering support for projects associated with assessing hydrology and water quality of soils, groundwater, and surface water. The Staff Research Associate will also work with other research staff, graduate and undergraduate students to design, construct, install, deployment and maintenance of observational platforms, which includes, but not limited to the supervision of undergraduate staff and other Staff Research Associates working on the same or similar research projects, taking charge of the execution of research property broadly outlined by the academic researchers and supervisors. The candidate will also be required to engage in difficult and complex research projects in collaboration with academic supervisors, have total responsibility for data quality assurance and documentation, and will contribute to the development of formal meta-data policies and procedures; independently work to organize and work out all techniques involved; plan, assign and direct the work of other staff researchers, advising them on problems which they are unable to solve, contribute original ideas of major methodological significance to the prosecution of laboratory phases of major research projects over considerable periods of time, such as during prolonged absences of academic supervisors; exercising judgment, initiatives and resourcefulness in making decisions, consulting on occasion with academic advisors; and prepare complete written reports on all phases and/or field experimental work involved with the research projects.


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