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2014 All Hands Meeting

A late fall day in the Providence Creek catchments.


24 Apr 2014

Information for the 2014 All Hands Meeting for the CZO Network on 21-14 September, including registration information and abstract submission.

Image: A late fall day in the Providence Creek catchments. [Click image to enlarge]

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The upcoming All Hands Meeting for the full CZO Network is scheduled for September 21-24, 2014. Travel, lodging and other logistics will be communicated through this news page. A draft agenda will be posted and updated on the Events page. Also see the FAQ page.

The Meeting is hosted by the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory team.

The Program Committee will identify and invite speakers and special guests; the Committee consists of Whendee Silver, Jon Chorover, Suzanne Anderson and Roger Bales. The Program Committee invites all CZO network affiliates to suggest people to invite as featured speakers (outside the CZO network) or as session conveners.


See the  Frequently Asked Questions page. Feel free to email more questions to Erin
**RECENTLY UPDATED** Changes to Events pages, Agenda updated here (file below)
            Final Agenda and Abstract Program posted 
            Remember to include the "buttons" for your Primary and Secondary Themes! See addtional information on the FAQ page

Date and Time

Registration and icebreaker events will be held on Sunday evening, September 21st

Meeting days are proposed for Monday and Wednesday, with presentations, featured talks, and workshops. On Tuesday, several field trips will be offered to research sites of interest in the region. 


Conference activities, lodging and meals will be held at Tenaya Lodge, Fish Camp, CA. Driving directions have been added below!

Lodging Registration

Lodging and meals will be paid directly from the central account. To reserve a room at Tenaya Lodge, please complete the following form. Please note, we have funding for double occupancy. You are welcome to request a single occupancy room, but we ask that you cover the additional cost. 


Travel costs will be paid up front by conference attendees, and then reimbursed through Sierra Nevada Research Institute (University of California, Merced) after the conference. 

There will be transportation (shuttles scheduled by your arrivals)) provided between Fresno and Tenaya Lodge on September 21. Transportation will likely leave in shifts between 12-6 pm to reach Tenaya Lodge for dinner and evening activities (please inform us of later arrivals). At the end of the conference late afternoon on Wednesday, more shuttles will take participants from Tenaya Lodge to Fresno Airport or select Fresno hotels (for Thursday morning departures). Arrival at the Fresno Airport/Hotels is currently estimated to be 5-5:30 pm. 

Please be sure to save all receipts for travel, including plane tickets and rental cars. Receipts, particularly for rental cars and the Wednesday night hotels, should indicate name, and a 0.00 balance.

As we are working within a budget, there are -rough- guidelines below for travel costs. We hope to cover flights and may be able to cover more than that based on ultimate costs. We understand that travel costs will vary due to regional airports and travel times. If your return flight is on Thursday morning, there are four hotels very close to the Fresno Airport to consider for Wednesday evening. Flights, gas, rental cars, and a hotel for Wednesday night will be paid by the conference attendee and reimbursed (we are aiming to reimburse as much as possible for participants). Shared rides are highly encouraged! 

  • California: around $300 or less per person (rental vehicle, mileage, or flight)
  • AZ, NM, ID, CO, WY: Around $600
  • East Coast and IML: Around $1000 

Abstracts Submission: EXTENDED DEADLINE to August 29, 5 pm PDT

Abstract Submission form

Theme 1  ̶  What controls CZ properties and processes?

a. How does the critical zone development depend on lithology and geologic legacy?
b. How does critical zone development vary with climate?
c. How does biota influence critical zone development?
d. How does hillslope aspect, as it influences local climate, affect critical zone evolution and structure?

Theme 2  ̶  What is response of CZ structure, stores, and fluxes to climate?

a. What is the relationship between concentration & discharge?
b. What factors moderate soil-organic carbon relationships in shallow and deep soil?
c. How do material & energy fluxes across boundaries relate to climate?
d. Especially on shorter time scales, what controls biogeochemical stores and fluxes within the CZ?
e. How do microbial communities (activity, composition) influence biogeochemical stores and fluxes?

Theme 3  ̶  What is response of CZ structure, stores and fluxes to land use change?

a. How does the CZ respond to climate change & land-use/management effects?
b. How does regolith affect vegetation?
c. How do vegetation-regolith dynamics influence water & C?
d. How do material and energy fluxes across boundaries relate to land use change?

Theme 4  ̶  How can CZ understanding be used to enhance resilience and sustainability, and restore ecosystem function?

How can we apply understanding of the Critical Zone to enhance ecosystem services and patterns such as:
a. Water resources
b. Disturbance
c. Ecological indicators
d. Sustainability


Questions are welcome! But like every undergraduate class: the sooner you ask, the better - please contact Erin.

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Meeting Agenda
(329 KB pdf)
Final meeting agenda, posted Sep 17. Printed copy to be included in your registration packet.

Abstract Program
(698 KB pdf)
Final abstract program - will not be printed. Limited copies available for reference.

Organizing Form
(20 KB docx)
Blank copy. Feel free to bring a copy with you with thoughts for a Breakout group, Cross-CZO working group, or your CZO's research. Blanks will be provided at the meeting for Breakout Groups.

Organizing Form - Example
(23 KB docx)
SSCZO research around each of the 2014 All Hands Themes - compiled during the 2014 Team Meeting in August

Driving directions
(153 KB pdf)
Printable driving directions to get to the conference hotel Tenaya Lodge. California can be wily! Do not get trapped on a dirt 4WD road on the way to the conference.

Reimbursement form
(2 MB pdf)
Digital copy of the reimbursement form. Mail with receipts to: SNRI, attn: All Hands / UC Merced SE1 208 / 5200 N Lake Rd / Merced, CA 95343

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