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Jared Wilmoth


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Nutrient Cycling

University of Georgia

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My interests in environmental science are focused on the biogeochemical mechanisms that drive metal transformations and nutrient cycling in redox-fluctuating systems. My former research examined a mechanism whereby the reductive dissimilation of ferric (Fe(III)) oxides during microbial respiration, coupled to the oxidation of native organic carbon and possibly mediated by native humic substances (electron shuttles), can influence the phosphorus cycle in Appalachian soils. My current research at UGA seeks to investigate the dynamic mineralogical and microbial transformations/interactions in soils that undergo varying frequencies of anaerobic and aerobic cycles. Our goal is to track Fe transformations using advanced analytical techniques such as 57Fe-Mössbauer spectroscopy and ICP-MS, characterize changes in bacterial community structure using molecular techniques, and further define how carbon and phosphorus cycles are influenced under redox-fluctuating conditions.

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