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Dylan Lee


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Sediment Dynamics

My project in the Luquillo CZO aims to characterize how sediment in the Mameyes river responds to flood events. This involves looking at how the river moves sediment during a flood. Specifically, when does sediment move and what are the characteristic forces and stresses associated with that movement? Since the Mameyes is a gravel bed river, bedload is the dominant mode of sediment transport. To study bedload in the Mameyes, force sensors embedded in rocks will be used to directly measure a grains onset and cessation of motion, the time of flight for transported grains, and the energies involved with intergrain and grain-bed collisions. When coupled with fluid shear stresses derived from stream gauge discharge and a measure of the bulk transport occurring during a flood, this information will allow us to create a high resolution characterization of flood induced course grain motion in the Mameyes.

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