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LCZO All-Scientist Webinar


LCZO All-Scientist Webinar


This has been updated with videos of some of the presentations:  

We will have a LCZO All-Scientist webinar meeting this Friday October 3rd at 12 PM Eastern / Atlantic, 9 AM Pacific, 5 PM BST. 

We will have four 12 minute presentations, followed by 10 minutes for discussion after each.

Drilling Deep – Susan Brantley from Penn State University

Patterns in carbon chemistry and stability with depth across contrasting soil and forest types - Madeleine Stone from The University of Pennsylvania 

Bringing a Smart Rock to Luquillo - A Tool to Constrain the Onset of Motion and Gravel Bed Impact Energies - Dylan Lee from The University of Pennsylvania

Isotope hydrology research in the Luquillo CZO - overview and data resources - Martha Scholl from the USGS

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