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Maria Chapela Lara


Postdoctoral researcher

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Biogeochemistry, weathering

Postdoctoral researcher

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Phd, Earth Sciences, University of Bristol
MS, Soil Science, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
BS, Geological Engineering , Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

I am broadly interested in weathering processes, including the role of lithology and plant-rock interactions. In particular, I am intrigued by the decoupling of deep and superficial nutrient cycles that we find at the LCZO's thick, highly leached regoliths and on how this decoupling translates into the composition of the streams. To investigate if this decoupling is the general outcome of Critical Zone evolution at its latest stages, I'm using trace elements, Mg and Li isotopes to disentangle the role of biological vs. geochemical reactions in solute production and the pathways of solute delivery to the

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