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Todd Dawson


Senior Personnel

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plant physiology; ecology and evolutionary biology; stable isotopes; biogeochemistry

Professor of Integrative Biology, University of California Berkeley

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Faculty Director of Blue Oak Ranch Reserve

Director of Center for Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry

As noted at the beginning of my lab group’s home page our research is focused on the interface between plants and their environments with a special emphasis placed on exploring this interface from a functional perspective. Research projects therefore apply the tools from physiological and evolutionary plant ecology, ecosystem science, stable isotope biogeochemistry and remote sensing and modeling towards the study and interpretation of the plant-environment interface. We work across an array of study systems, scales, organisms, and questions that draw upon a variety of empirical and theoretical methods. These are merged with the application of diverse approaches (observations, monitoring, and experimental manipulations) as avenues for improving our understanding of how the ecophysiological characteristics of plants are shaped by and respond to the environments they inhabit.

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