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Digging deeper: what the critical zone perspective adds to the study of plant ecophysiology. Dawson, T.E., Hahm, W.J., & Crutchfield-Peters, K. (2020): New Phytologist 226 (3): 666-671


Temporal dynamics of migration‐linked genetic variation are driven by streamflows and riverscape permeability. Kelson, S.J., Miller, M.R., Thompson, T.Q., O'Rourke, S.M. & Carlson, S.M. (2020): Molecular Ecology 29 (5): 870-885


Resolving Deep Critical Zone Architecture in Complex Volcanic Terrain. Moravec B.G., White A.M., Root R.A, Sanchez A., Olshansky Y., Paras B.K., Carr B., McIntosh J., Pelletier J.D., Rasmussen C., Holbrook W.S., Chorover J. (2020): Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 125(1): e2019JF005189 Cross-CZO


Ecological and genomic attributes of novel bacterial taxa that thrive in subsurface soil horizons. Brewer, Tess E., Emma L. Aronson, Keshav Arogyaswamy, Sharon A. Billings, Jon K. Botthoff, Ashley N. Campbell, Nicholas C. Dove, Dawson Fairbanks, Rachel E. Gallery, Stephen C. Hart, Jason Kaye, Gary King, Geoffrey Logan, Kathleen A. Lohse, Mia R. Maltz, Emilio Mayorga, Caitlin O’Neill, Sarah M. Owens, Aaron Packman, Jennifer Pett-Ridge, Alain F. Plante, Daniel D. Richter, Whendee L. Silver, Wendy H. Yang, Noah Fierer (2019): mBio Oct 2019, 10 (5) e01318-19 Cross-CZO National


Mercury sourcing and sequestration in weathering profiles at six Critical Zone Observatories. Richardson, Justin B., Arnulfo A. Aguirre, Heather L. Buss, A. Toby O'Geen, Xin Gu, Daniella M. Rempe, and Daniel deB. Richter (2018): Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 32(10):1542-1555 Cross-CZO National


New Opportunities for Critical Zone Science. Sullivan, P.L., Wymore, A.S., McDowell, W.H. et al. (2017): 2017 CZO Arlington Meeting White Booklet Cross-CZO National


High Time for Conservation: Adding the Environment to the Debate on Marijuana Liberalization. Carah, J., Howard, J., Thompson, S.E., Short Gianotti, A.G., Bauer, S., Carlson, S.M., Dralle, D.N., Gabriel, M.W., Hulette, L., Johnson, B., Knight, C., Kupferberg, S., Martin, S., Naylor, R., Power, M.E. (2015): BioScience (Advance Access)


Common Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Infrastructure and Measurements. J. Chorover, S. Anderson, A. K. Aufdenkampe, R. C. Bales, S. L. Brantley, W. Dietrich, P. Kumar, K. A. Lohse, W. McDowell, D. Richter, T. White (2015): A Guide Prepared By CZO PIs, May 05, 2015 Cross-CZO National


Common questions of the US NSF–supported Critical Zone Observatories. Dietrich, W.E. and Lohse, K. (2014): A Guide Prepared By CZO PIs Cross-CZO National



Clades of huge phages from across Earth’s ecosystems. Al-Shayeb, B., R. Sachdeva, L.-X. Chen, F. Ward, P. Munk, A. Devoto, C. J. Castelle, M. R. Olm, K. Bouma-Gregson, Y. Amano, C. He, R. Meheust, B. Brooks, A. Thomas, A. Lavy, P. Matheus-Carnevali, C. Sun, D. S. A. Goltsman, M. A. Borton, A. Sharrar, A. L. Jaffe, T. C. Nelson, R. Kantor, R. Keren, K. R. Lane, I. F. Farag, S. Lei, K. Finstad, R. Amundson, K. Anantharaman, J. Zhou, A. J. Probst, M. E. Power, S. G. Tringe, W.-J. Li, K. Wrighton, S. Harrison, M. Morowitz, D. A. Relman, J. A. Doudna, A.-C. Lehours, L. Warren, J. H. D. Cate, J. M. Santini, and J. F. Banfield. (2020): Nature 578, 425–431

Combined use of radiocarbon and stable carbon isotopes for the source mixing model in a stream food web. Ishikawa, N.F., Finlay, J.C., Uno, H., Ogawa, N.O., Ohkouchi, N., Tayasu, T., Power, and Power, M.E. (2020): Limnology and Oceanography 1-14

Lifetime eurythermy by seasonally matched thermal performance of developmental stages in an annual aquatic insect. Uno, H. and Stillman, J.H. (2020): Oecologia 192: 647–656

Tributary confluences are dynamic thermal refuges for a juvenile salmonid in a warming river network. Wang, T., Kelson, S.J., Greer, G., Thompson, S.E., and S.M. Carlson (2020): River Research and Applications

Partial migration alters population ecology and food chain length: evidence from a salmonid fish. Kelson, S. J., Power, M.E., Finlay, J.C., and S. M. Carlson (2020): Ecosphere 11 (2): e03044

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Eel River Critical Zone Observatory Annual Report 2019. Dietrich, W., Bishop, J., Carlson, S., Power M., Thompson, S. (2019): NSF Award #1331940

Eel River Critical Zone Observatory Annual Report 2018. Dietrich, W., Bishop, J., Carlson, S., Power M., Thompson, S. (2018): NSF Award #1331940

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Investigating Hillslope Self-Similarity: Field Observations of Weathering Profiles Across a Sequence of Repeating Ridges and Valleys. Pedrazas, M., Hahm, W.J., Huang, M.-H., Nelson, M.D., Bryk, A.B., Dralle, D., Fauria, K., Dietrich, W.E., and Rempe, D.M. (2019): American Geophysical Union 2019 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 9-13 December 2019 Abstract #EP53F-2213

The role of small shallow landslides in landscape evolution as revealed by high resolution differential lidar surveys and field mapping. Sanders, M., Nelson, M.D., Bryk, A.B., Huang, M.-H., Fauria, K., and Dietrich, W.E. (2019): American Geophysical Union 2019 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 9-13 December 2019 Abstract #EP43D-2399

Dry season changes in soil carbon composition: tracking decomposability, mobility, and chemistry over a Mediterranean-type summer. Vaughn, L.S., Santos, F., Wahab, L.M., Berhe, A.A., Dawson, T.E. (2019): American Geophysical Union 2019 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 9-13 December 2019 Abstract #B33C-08

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