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Logistical Infrastructure

The Heath & Marjorie Angelo Coast Range Reserve serves as home base for the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory. It includes a Science Center complete with wet and dry labs, computer room, and class/meeting room. Housing is available at two locations within the reserve and can accomodate up to 45 people. For more information please see the visiting section of the Angelo Reserve Website.

Science Center at Headquarters

Angelo Coast Range Reserve Facilities

The Reserve has facilities for staging field investigations and for performing on-site lab work. At the Headquarters (HQ) is the Science Center complex, which is comprised of the Science Center itself, HQ House (5 beds) and a garage/storage space. The Science Center has a wet lab - with fume hood, a dark room, a dry lab/prep room, a classroom, and a lathe house. Further into the Reserve (2.8 miles) is a second set of housing including Wilderness Lodge (3 beds) and Fox Creek Pavilion (36 bare sleeping platforms for groups & classes). The Wilderness & Fox areas are off grid, using solar power and wood stoves. All facilities have high speed internet connection and wireless connectivity is available for monitoring equipment.

For more information on the Reserve's factilities and photos, please visit the Angelo Coast Range Reserve website.

To check on facility availability and to schedule your visit, please log-in via the NRS's Reserve Application Management System.
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