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David D. Breshears


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Dryland Ecohydrology, Vegetation Gradients and Global Change, Tree Die-off

Professor of Natural Resources in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment (Watershed Management and Ecohydrology Program) and also affiliated with the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Biosphere 2 Earthscience Steering Committee, The University of Arizona
Univ. of Arizona - University of Arizona

PhD, Colorado State University, 1993

Breshears' research program focuses on four interrelated themes in drylands: (i) ecohydrology with a focus on ecological and hydrological interrelationships in uplands, (ii) trends in ecosystem properties along gradients from grassland and forest, (iii) rapid vegetation change with a focus on drought-induced tree die-off, and (iv) wind- and water-driven sediment transport and associated erosion, as interacting processes; insights in these areas are applied to help aide natural resources management issues related to land use, pollution and global change.

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