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Sampling of macroinvertebrates, porosity networks, and soil hydraulic properties provides ample opportunities for in-field education.  

A variety of education and outreach activities are planned as part of the Calhoun CZO. 

Undergraduate Research and Education.  Our project will reach out to undergraduates who are already interested in Critical Zone research as well as for the broader population of students and faculty who may currently know little about the Critical Zone.  The program will be based at Roanoke College (an undergraduate institution), however efforts will be supported at research universities. Undergraduate research will be supported through summer positions associated with on-going research projects and shadowing opportunities, along with travel support to promote student attendance at conferences and workshops.  Undergraduate research opportunities will be widely advertised, and we plan to participate in North Carolina State University's new REU in soil science.

Workshops for Young CZO Scientists.  We will hold summer workshops at the Calhoun in year 1, 3, and for invited young scientists, ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to Assistant Professors and beginning research scientists.  We will follow a workshop model we developed during a NSF-sponsored Research Coordination Network that ran from 2007-2012 (NSF EAR-DEB, 0541826).

Annual Meeting Symposia. The PIs will continue to sponsor sessions and symposia at meetings such as AGU, SSSA, Goldschmidt, and ESA on topics directly related to the CZ science. 

Duke’s WISeNet-IGERT.  We will draw the attention of PhD applicants to the Duke University IGERT Wireless Intelligent Sensor Networks, and to the Nicholas School of the Environment; Pratt School of Engineering; and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and History.  We will offer fellowships for some of the best students in these programs and encourage participation in our Young Scientist Workshop held at the Calhoun CZO.

Education/Outreach News


NSF Blog: No soils, no life

27 Oct 2020 - They’re beneath our feet, but we seldom hear important signals in the soils


K-12 Activity: Humans and Soil Change

19 Jul 2020 - The activity familiarizes students with some of the environmental and human factors that contribute to accelerated rates of soil erosion.


2020 CZO Webinar Series on Sustainability

17 Jun 2020 - For an updated listing of these talks, including abstracts, see /national/education-outreach/sustainability-2020/ The U.S....


Field trip of Penn State students to the Calhoun, 6/7/2019

21 Aug 2019 - Dan Markewitz and Dan Richter led a field trip on June 6-7, 2019 in the rain (perhaps 3") across the Calhoun CZO with Penn State students.  We...


Graduate Student Critical Zone Reading Group Wraps the Semester with a Field Trip to Calhoun CZO

12 Jun 2019 - Five students travelled to Union, South Carolina for a two-day site visit June 6 – June 8 at the Calhoun CZO. This site visit was the...


Feature-Length Documentary: The Education of Bruno Latour: From the CZ to the Anthropocene

07 May 2019 - April 15, 2019 Franklin Humanities Institute “The Education of Bruno Latour: From the Critical Zone to the Anthropocene”...


Calhoun CZO featured in Duke Magazine

14 Nov 2018 - How critical zone science unearths secrets: The new cross-disciplinary field of study concerns itself with the living skin of the Earth.


2018 Southeast Friends of the Pleistocene Field Conference

09 Feb 2018 - Geophysics, Geochemistry, and Biogeochemistry of the Southern Piedmont Critical Zone


Latour and Folch on special attributes of critical zone science

02 Feb 2018 - Duke Assistant Professor Christine Folch (Cultural Anthropology) converses spiritedly with Prof. Bruno Latour (Philosopher of Science) on the banks...


Zach Brecheisen wins the Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser Forest History Fellowship

27 Apr 2017 - The Forest History Society announces that Zachary Brecheisen is the 2017-18 recipient of the F. K. Weyerhaeuser Fellowship! The fellowship consists...


Diego Barcellos Featured in UGA Graduate School Magazine

08 Feb 2017 - The Winter 2017 issue of UGA Graduate features an in-depth article about cross-CZO grad student Diego Barcellos


Bruno Latour talks about the Calhoun CZO in Munich

08 Dec 2016 - Bruno Latour, anthropologist and philosopher of science, gave a talk on Critical Zone science and the Anthropocene entitled "From the Anthropocene...


Eight new soil pits dug at the Calhoun!

17 Oct 2016 - Eight soil pits were installed at the Calhoun CZO on 17-18 October 2016 for easy access for soil sampling down to 2 meters. Photo: Will Cook.


USFS Photos from the Historic Archive of the Calhoun Experimental Forest

03 Oct 2016 - Just posted, thanks to efforts of Don Nelson, Kathy O'Neill, Mike Coughlan, Michael Lonneman, Zachary Meyers, and many other students, is an...


An illustrated introduction to the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory!

22 Sep 2016 - An introduction to the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory, by Justin Richardson and Dan Richter, illustrated by Alana McGillis has just been posted!...


The Calhoun Experimental Forest featured in USFS publication

30 Mar 2016 - The USFS Southern Research Station's CompassLive blog features an article about the history of the Calhoun Experimental Forest, founded in 1947....


Sino-USA CZO scientists meet to discuss future collaborations

09 Oct 2015 - About 60 Chinese and American critical zone scientists met in Guiyang, China for two days of discussions and presentations on the significance of...

Paul Schroeder featured on NPR’s Pulse of the Planet

05 Jun 2020 - Four 2 minute pieces featuring Paul Schroeder talking about clay were aired on NPR's Pulse of the Planet in February 2020. Please see the links...

Geology of the Calhoun CZO

05 Jun 2020 - Barrett "Bear" Jordan's MS thesis on the geology of the Calhoun is now posted!  Bear's advisor Paul Schroeder says this is "a bit more...

Mac Callaham’s group presents at the Society for Freshwater Science annual meeting

31 May 2019 - Mac Callaham and his group shared their research on earthworms at the May 2019 Society for Freshwater Science annual meeting in Salt Lake City.

Discussion paper open till April 5th in Biogeosciences

06 Mar 2018 - A discussion is open for the manuscript, "Elevating the biogeosciences within environmental research networks".

Undergraduate course curriculum, “Introduction to Critical Zone Science,” available free online

01 Jan 2018 - A 15-week semester-long upper-level undergraduate course curriculum entitled “Introduction to Critical Zone Science” is now available free online.

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