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Boulder Creek CZO assessing flood in Upper Gordon Gulch

Road into Upper Gordon Gulch

18 Sep 2013

Assessing Gordon Gulch continues

Image: Road into Upper Gordon Gulch [Click image to enlarge]

ISCO washed 15 m downstream

The Upper Gordon Gulch stream gauge has survived! Unfortunately the ISCO was not running and was found washed 15 m downstream.  Nate Rock was able to sample all of the upper surface water and precipitation sites and to measure manual discharge.  He plans to go back for wells on Friday, September 20.  Nate noted that coming down the south-facing forest road definitely required some driving skills and there was water free flowing down the slope in numerous places.  Nate also observed that there are more intermittent springs flowing than he has ever seen in the past plus there are new springs that he has never seen before.

Nate was able to come back down Sunshine Canyon and he saw no signage indicating closed roads or roadblocks. However, he did note that local officials were checking IDs on the way up the canyon.  The road up was not as heavily potholed and some repair has occurred but it is down to one lane in a few spots.

ISCO washed 15 m downstream

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Boulder creek catastrophic flooding

September 12th 2013. Wettest day on record.

Prior to Wednesday, the single wettest day on record was July 31, 1919, when 4.80 inches of rain were recorded, according to Bob Henson, a science writer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. (Daily Camera POSTED:   09/12/2013 04:54:28 AM MDT)

Sept 17 pictures of Stream gauge at Lower Gordon Gulch added.

Sept 18 pictures of Stream gauge at Lower Gordon Gulch added.

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