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Participate virtually in CZ-EarthCube workshop via WebEx, Jan. 21-23.


17 Jan 2013

Registration for virtual participation still open for Jan. 21-23 workshop!

Please participate virtually in the EarthCube Critical Zone Domain Workshop, Jan. 21-23. if you are a critical zone scientist or cyber scientist interested in a future cyber-infrastructure that meets the needs of all earth surface sciences.

We have set up WebEx virtual meeting rooms for the Plenary sessions and each of the four breakout rooms.

Go to the Workshop Agenda for WebEx connection information, or browse WebEx meeting rooms for Plenary & Breakout Group A, or for Breakout Groups B, C, G.  Gain access with "criticalzone".

Register for virtual participation and join the Critical Zone EarthCube Domain Group to have the ability to collaboratively edit workshop documents.

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