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EarthScope holding a Geochronolgy short course prior to GSA free to students


31 Jul 2014
News Source: Earth Scope


EarthScope is holding a Geochronology short course the two days before GSA that is free for students.

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Course Description
This course will kick off a newly-funded NSF-EarthScope education and student award program that seeks to connect Earth scientists with geochronology facilities and expertise, and provide funds for graduate students to use geochronology in their own research. This short course has two primary functions: First, it will introduce participants to the fundamentals of geochronology of relevance to EarthScope science. Experts in numerical dating techniques will give introductory seminars on the basic theory and application of well-established geochronologic methods, as well as highlight examples of how different geochronology methods have been used to decipher the temporal evolution of the North American continent. Topics will include an overview of the theory of geochronology, as well as lectures on a variety of the most common dating techniques. Second, the course will introduce a new EarthScope Geochronology Graduate Student Research and Training program, a multi-year project that will offer support of up to $10,000 to graduate students to collect and interpret geochronology data through visits and hands-on data acquisition in participating geochronology labs. Student registration is free, and there will be a limited number of travel grants available to help offset travel and lodging costs for graduate students.

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