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East Peak

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East Peak or Pico Del Este stands at 1030 meters in elevation and is dominated by Elfin Cloud forest the peak is almost continuously cloud shrouded.

Parent Field Area:
Rio Blanco ▲



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forest land

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Setting & Research
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  • Setting & Research

    Continous and event based sampling for precipitation, temperature, solar radiation, wind, rain water chemistry, visibility, and African dust chemistry are all performed here. 

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  • Data

    East Peak - Meteorology (2002-2016)
    5 components    East Peak    Climatology / Meteorology    Scatena, F.N.; Holwerda, F.

    East Peak - Groundwater Depth, Groundwater Temperatures - EP1 and LGW2B wells (2014-2016)
    2 components    East Peak    Hydrology, Geochemistry / Mineralogy    Hyojin Kim; Scott Hynek

    National - Stream Water Chemistry - Cations, Anions, Metals (1982-2015)
    1 components    Bisley, Betasso, East Peak, Marshall Gulch (High-Elevation), Providence Creek Subcatchment P301, Providence Creek Subcatchment P303, Providence Creek Subcatchment P304, Eel River Watershed, Puente Roto, Rio Blanco, Rio Icacos, Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory    Biogeochemistry, Biology / Ecology, Hydrology, Water Chemistry    Hyojin, Kim; Bishop, Jim; Dietrich, William; Fung, Inez; McDowell, William H.; Brantley, Susan L.; Hoagland, Beth; Sullivan, Pamela L.; Cain, Molly; Neal, Andrew; Fisher, Jessica; Russo, Tess; Niwot Ridge LTER; Liu, Fengjing; Chorover, Jon; Troch, Peter; McIntosh, Jennifer; Brooks, Paul; Abramson, Nate; Heidbuechel, Ingo; Amistadi, Mary Key; Alexander Pedron, Shawn; Chorover, Jon; Troch, Peter; Corley, Timothy; Zapata-Rios, Xavier; Losleben, Mark; Condon, Katherine

    Puerto Rico - Stable Isotopes - Stable Isotope (δ18O and δ2H) Data (1994-2013)
    8 components    Northeastern Puerto Rico and the Luquillo Mountains, Rio Icacos, East Peak, Rio Mameyes    Hydrology, Water Chemistry, Climatology / Meteorology    Martha A. Scholl; Angel Torres-Sanchez; Manuel Rosario-Torres

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