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LCZO webinar



1) Our Next LCZO All-Scientist webinar will be January 16th at 9 AM Pacific, 12 PM Eastern, 1 PM Atlantic, 5 PM Greenwich and will follow the same format as the last two meetings, 12 minute presentations followed by 10 minutes for discussion. Please let me know if you would like to present.   
  a. Xavier Comas Focal Area 1: Hot spots and hot moments in the deep critical zone
   i. Title: "Using hydrogeophysical methods to understand the spatial distribution of the bedrock-regolith interface in the Rio Icacos watershed"
  b. Liz Coward Focal Area 2: Hot Spots and Hot Moments in Redox Dynamics and Associated Fe-C interactions
   i. Iron-mediated C stability in two tropical soils
  c. Gilles Brocard Focal Area 3: Watershed scale hot spots and hot moments
   i. "Interplay of forest and topography during the growth of the Luquillo Mountains"
  d. Julie Pett-Ridge Focal Area 4: Hydrologic and Atmospheric Hot Spots and Hot Moments
   i. Atmospheric Hot Spots and Hot Moments for dust inputs

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