ARCHIVED CONTENT: In December 2020, the CZO program was succeeded by the Critical Zone Collaborative Network (CZ Net) ×



October 2020 Issue of Eos features Critical Zone Science

28 Sep 2020 - In the October 2020 Issue, Eos focuses on the Critical Zone at a pivotal point as the discipline comes of age.


New paper on spatially explicit modeling of prehistoric land use footprints

07 May 2019 - Mike Coughlan and Don Nelson have a new paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science. Highlights include: Spatially explicit models of...

Calhoun weathering paper published in Nature’s Scientific Reports

14 Mar 2019 - Calhoun weathering paper is out in Nature's Scientific Reports.


New book by Paul Schroeder: Clays in the Critical Zone

17 Aug 2018 - Paul Schroeder has written a remarkable new book on the story of clays in the critical zone. The book builds on a short article by the same name...

Strengthening the biogeosciences in environmental research networks

15 Aug 2018 - Our EGU Biogeosciences Discussions manuscript became a Biogeosciences paper today! The official pdf can be downloaded (on upper right of page) at:...

Discussion paper open till April 5th in Biogeosciences

06 Mar 2018 - A discussion is open for the manuscript, "Elevating the biogeosciences within environmental research networks".

Elevating the biogeosciences within environmental research networks

02 Mar 2018 - This manuscript, led by Dan Richter with six Calzones co-authors, was just submitted to Biogeosciences Discussions.

White paper of 2017 CZ Science Meeting in Arlington, VA

01 Jan 2018 - New Opportunities for Critical Zone Science Following the June 2017 Arlington Meeting for Critical Zone Science (hosted by CZO), a white booklet...

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