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Providence Creek Subcatchment P304

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The P304 subcatchment has a stream gauging station similar to those located within the other instrumented Providence Creek catchments. As with the other catchments, several micromet sensors are installed within P304.

0.487 km2   Area

1768 - 1983 m   Elev

Parent Field Area:
Providence Creek Headwater Catchments (1660 - 2115 m elevation) ▲

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Setting & Research
  • Setting & Research

    Stream Gauging Stations

    Providence Creek gauging stations are located at the outlet of each research catchment.  The four catchments (P300, P301, P303 and P304) are instrumented in similar ways, outfitted with both high and low flow flumes, water depth sensors, and an ISCO sampler.  These instrumented stream sites are operated and maintained by staff from the Kings River Experimental Watersheds (KREW) project and Southern Sierra CZO.

    Micromet Sensors

    The four research catchments in the Providence Creek headwaters are instrumented with HOBO microclimate sensors, measuring air temperature and relative humidity.  These micromet sensors were installed in summer 2011 and removed late 2013. Sensor location varies in each catchment but was selected based on existing soil moisture and sapflux sampling locations and elevation gradients. The collected microclimate data will increase the density of the distributed microclimate network which will allow us to better estimate the spatial variability of microclimate and eventually improve model predictions of snow, soil moisture, transpiration and streamflow.

  • Data

    National - Stream Water Chemistry - Cations, Anions, Metals (1982-2015)
    1 components    Bisley, Betasso, East Peak, Marshall Gulch (High-Elevation), Providence Creek Subcatchment P301, Providence Creek Subcatchment P303, Providence Creek Subcatchment P304, Eel River Watershed, Puente Roto, Rio Blanco, Rio Icacos, Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory    Biogeochemistry, Biology / Ecology, Hydrology, Water Chemistry    Hyojin, Kim; Bishop, Jim; Dietrich, William; Fung, Inez; McDowell, William H.; Brantley, Susan L.; Hoagland, Beth; Sullivan, Pamela L.; Cain, Molly; Neal, Andrew; Fisher, Jessica; Russo, Tess; Niwot Ridge LTER; Liu, Fengjing; Chorover, Jon; Troch, Peter; McIntosh, Jennifer; Brooks, Paul; Abramson, Nate; Heidbuechel, Ingo; Amistadi, Mary Key; Alexander Pedron, Shawn; Chorover, Jon; Troch, Peter; Corley, Timothy; Zapata-Rios, Xavier; Losleben, Mark; Condon, Katherine

  • Photos

    SSCZO - Instruments

    Hundreds of instruments and sensors have been deployed in the primary SSCZO research site of the Providence Creek watershed as well as in Wolverton basin.  Additional SSCZO flux towers and instruments have also been installed at the San Joaquin Experimental Range, Soaproot Saddle, and Short Hair Creek.

    Explore more photos of the intstuments and sensors used by SSCZO.