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2010 Publications

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4 Publications


Future Directions for Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Science. Anderson, R.S., Anderson, S., Aufdenkampe, A.K., Bales, R., Brantley, S., Chorover, J., Duffy, C.J., Scatena, F.N., Sparks, D.L., Troch, P.A., Yoo, K. (2010): CZO Community, December 29, 2010 Cross-CZO National


Report of the Steering Committee. Derry, L., Driscoll, C., Firestone, M., Furbish, D., Grant, G., and Kendall C. (2010): Critical Zone Observatories 2010 Annual Meeting National


Dynamical modelling of concentration–age–discharge in watersheds. Duffy, C. (2010): Hydrol. Process. 24, 1711–1718 Cross-CZO National


Development of an integrated information system for Critical Zone Observatory data . Whitenack, T , Williams, M W, Tarboton, D G, Zaslavsky, I, Durcik, M, Lucas, R G, Dow, C, Meng, X, Bills, B, Leon, M, Yang, C, Arnold, M, Aufdenkampe, A K, Schreuders, K, Alvarez, O. (2010): Fall Meeting, American Geophysical Union. December 2010. Abstract IN31B-1289 Cross-CZO National