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28 Jun 2013

Postdoctoral Opportunity with the Santa Catalina – Jemez Critical Zone Observatory

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The University of Arizona is soliciting applications from prospective postdoctoral scientists to conduct collaborative soil science based research in the Santa Catalina Mountains - Jemez River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (SCM-JRB CZO). We seek applicants who have an interest in bridging soil science with other earth science disciplines such as geomorphology, geochemistry, hydrology, microbiology and ecology. The postdoctoral scientist will work closely with a team of faculty, staff, and graduate students to analyze existing and evolving time-series and spatial data sets pertaining to solid, liquid and gas phase dynamics in soils and underlying weathered rock over a wide range in depth of the permeable CZ subsurface. Required qualifications include a Ph.D. in soil science or closely related field. Preferred qualifications include a strong background in subsurface biogeochemistry and/or pedology, and experience in combining measurement and modeling approaches. We have immediate need for an individual who can: (i) assume a leadership role in field- and lab-based research that will include deep subsurface core extractions; (ii) assist with managing and coordinating soil, rock and pore-water sampling and analysis efforts; and (iii) conduct data analysis and publish on a diverse existing and evolving set of physical (mineralogical/morphological), chemical (aqueous geochemical time series), and biological (microbial community ecology) data.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter of interest and a current curriculum vitae to Profs. Jon Chorover or Craig Rasmussen for consideration by the selection committee, which will include all CZO PIs and senior personnel. Please feel free to contact Jon Chorover, Craig Rasmussen, or any member of the CZO group for further discussions.


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