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French sociologist Bruno Latour studies Critical Zone in latest work


18 Oct 2017
News Source: Science

Image: Bruno Latour Photo Credit: ULI DECK/PICTURE-ALLIANCE/DPA/AP IMAGES [Click image to enlarge]

In a recent interview published in Science, French sociologist of science Bruno Latour discussed the history of the criticism of science and its role in the rise of denial of climate change. The term "science wars" was sparked by a debate started in the 90's between social scientists, Latour included, and scientists about how science is done and criticism of this process. Today, Latour is working to rebuild confidence in science.

Now retired from his official duties at Sciences Po, a university for the social sciences, Latour is studying field and lab work through critical zone science. Latour described "I am again working on something like Laboratory Life—a combination of lab and field work in an area called the “critical zone,” the study of Earth’s outer skin. I will be observing geochemists, biochemists, and geopoliticians, and will talk to many different researchers, using a Lovelockian approach, assuming that Earth functions as a self-regulating system. And yes—I think that describing this work in detail will contribute to the rebuilding of trust in science." 

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