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1:1 Data Consultation: IML CZO and CZOData team


IML CZO and the CZOData team will discuss sharing data.

Online: 3-5 EDT / 2-4 CDT / 1-3 MDT / 12-2 PDT

This event is one of a series of two-hour consultations between the CZOData team (3-4 of its members) and individual CZOs (CZO PI, IMC Faculty Reps, Data & Web Managers, et al).  These 1:1 consultations will focus on sharing data. 

Topics include: Datasets on, YODA files, Vocabularies, IGSN, Geospatial, LiDAR, Data DOI, ODM2, and Streaming data. See guidelines on these topics.

Everyone on the CZO Information Management Committee (CZO-IMC) will be invited to listen in on the 1:1 data consultations, to promote sharing of our various approaches.  The consultations will be recorded.  Slide presentations (PDF) will be available (see below).

For information on other 1:1 data consultations,  see CZO Data Cyber-Seminars.

Screencast video

Watch the 1.4 hour presentation and discussion below.  Unfortunately, the first half hour or so of the recording is missing (introductions, agenda review, and first part of presentation from IML CZO data management team).  This video begins partway through a presentation by Luigi Marini.


Visit the CZO Data Cyber Seminars page for more CZOData presentations.



IML-CZO Data Management
(12 MB pdf)
Presentation slides that provide an overview.

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