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CZOs at AGU: Townhall

AGU Townhall event entitled "Critical Zone Observatories: Past, Present, Future"

Room 2005, Moscone West, San Francisco, California

Critical Zone Observatories (CZOs) are natural laboratories for investigating Earth surface processes mediated by freshwater. CZO research aims to understand these processes through monitoring of streams, climate/weather and groundwater. CZOs are instrumented for hydrogeochemical measurements and are sampled for soil, canopy and bedrock. CZOs involve cross-disciplinary teams motivated by field and theoretical approaches, and include education and outreach. The U.S. CZO network expanded to 9 observatories in 2013 and a national office (CZONO) is now in place. This townhall is meant to engage anyone interested in discussing: the CZO network, and opportunities for broader participation by the CZ community-at-large. Presentations will be made by NSF program director(s), and representatives of the new CZO national office. Principal investigators from the observatories will attend to answer your questions. Food and beverages will be provided.

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