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2016 Publications

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Papers and books that explicitly acknowledge a CZO grant are highlighted in PALE ORANGE.


California’s River Ecosystems. Power, M. E., Kupferberg, S.J., Cooper, S. D., and Deas, M.L. (2016): In H. Mooney & E. Zavaleta (Eds.), Ecosystems of California (p. 1008). University of California Press.


Representation of diffusion controlled carbon stabilization in reactive transport models. Thompson, A., Druhan, J.L., Keiluweit, M., Wagai, R., Plante, A.F., Lawrence, C.R., Berhe, A.A., Sierra, C.A., Rasmussen, C., Marin-Spiotta, E., Blankinship, J.C., Schimel, J., Heckman, K.A., Crow, S.E., and Wieder, W.R. (2016): American Geophysical Union 2016 Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA Cross-CZO