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Jesse Hahm

Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University

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PhD, Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley

Process linkages between geology, topography, and life: Vegetation distribution in the Eel River watershed appears to be controlled principally by lithologic variation across accreted terrains. For example, coniferous forests are often absent from the central mélange belt, but the mechanisms inhibiting these forests are poorly understood. A complementary area of interest is to better understand how tectonic forcing, biota, and geomorphic processes produce unique landscape forms across different rock types. For example, hillslopes are steep and convexo-planar in the greywackes and argillites of the ER CZO, relative to the gently undulating nearby mélange, but the processes responsible for hillslope sediment transport (and ultimately landscape form) in both rock types are not well understood. One way to explore a process inferred from field observation is to cast it in the form of a geomorphic transport law, which can be coupled with continuity in a model landscape.

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