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Mark Losleben

STAFF, Field Manager

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Geography, Climatology

Research Specialist, University of Arizona

MS, University of Colorado, 1991

Field collections and sampling throughout the Jemez River Basin CZO with particular concentrations in the Mixed Conifer and Burned Zero Order Basins in the Valles Caldera are primary activities. In addition to data, water and soil collections, developing robust data acquisition systems including remote data transfer from field to office in real time is a driving interest. Linking climate and meteorology to surface processes, from slowly varying to catastrophic impulses,is an ongoing interest. Link to your group website

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    Fluid Chemistry Dynamics Before and After Fire in the Jemez River Basin Critical Zone Observatory. Chorover J., Perdrial J.N., Field J.P., Pelletier J.D., Pohlmann M.A., Losleben M.V., Lasharr K., Amistadi M., Brooks P.D., McIntosh J.C., Meixner T., Gallery R., Rich V.I., Rasmussen C., Schaap M.G., Breshears D.D. (2013): Abstract B41F-05 presented at 2013 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, 9-13 Dec.